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《The Little Prince》

Published on : 2022-01-06

Title: The Little Prince

Writer: Antoine De Saint-Exupéry

Brief Introduction: This is a fairy tale for adult. The story mainly talks about a pilot meets a little prince.The prince tells the pilot about his journey to the earth and his experience in his trip. He is a pure and blue boy who comes from a remote and small planet. He travels several planets.He meets the King. an overconfident man who boasts his great things, actually not that great. A drunk man who is upsetting.A businessman who loves prosperity. A lamplighter, who can not change himself, just does in his own way,stubborn.A geographer estimates his planet again and again. He arrives at the earth and meets a fox,the fox asks him to tame the fox. The little prince finds that he has been tame by the roes he cares for. At last. he asks the snake to bite him to get back his planet he wants to be near to his rose.

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