Library Card/ID No. Password
Service Guide

Published on : 2022-01-06

1. Zhanjiang Library is open to the public. Any reader who can abide by the library's rules can apply for a library card.

2. The library card is applicable to all reading area, including Lending Service Area, Journal Reading Room, Social Science Area, Ancient books Area (additional certification is required), Shijingyi Book-donation Room, Children's Reading Room (only for kids, teenager, and the accompanying persons).

3. Readers can borrow up to 3 paper books for 20 days (if the fee exceeds the certificate deposit, only one book can be borrowed). The book can renew once for another 20 days. Please return the book within the loan period, or it would course overdue penalty.

4. Citizens can apply for a Reader Card with China second-generation identity card or Driving Licence with 100 RMB deposit. Children shall be applied by his/her parents.

5. The Reader Card shall be checked and renewed once a year for free.

6. Returning the Reader Card, the Card can be cancel with the reader's China second-generation identity card or Driving Licence. And the deposit will be refunded to the reader.

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