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Service Commitment

Published on : 2022-01-06

1. Zhanjiang Library always adheres to the principle of "Readers First, Service First" and provides readers with comprehensive, multi-channel and multi-level document information services.

2. All the staff shall make full preparations in advance and serve the readers free of charge on time.

3. Provide Warmly service to the readers, including consulting and book searching services etc.

4. Serve readers cordially with correct working attitude. Quarrel with readers under any circumstances is forbidden.

5. Talk the readers with civilized language and moderate volume. Taboo words is forbidden.

6. Staff in the library should be presentable during service hours and not use uncivilized gestures.

7. All the staff shall not: talk loudly or chat in the reader service area, do anything unrelated to work, nor take illegal advantage of the position for personal gain.

8. Timely warehousing, shelving of books and periodicals to ensure the books and periodicals orderly. Always keep the environment clean.

9. Explain the issues that do not conform to the policies and regulations patiently to obtain readers' understanding and support.

10. The first person served the reader should answer questions warmly and thoughtfully.

11. Respond to questions, suggestions or comments from readers within one week.

12. Any breach of service commitment will be investigated according to relevant provisions.

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